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Is there a glitch in the new software that doesn't do accents?


Basically I can't seem to log in under my name, "Grünfeld"  -- when this sort of problem occurs it's usually the umlaut which is causing the grief.

Any way to fix it?  If that's the issue.


I'll check the settings. I did see (when it did the upgrade) that it converted
character sets from CHAR255 to UTF something or another. Perhaps that's
the root of the problem.


I think UTF-8 is the most common nowadays.  It can handle all languages, but some people might still be using one of the other character encodings.

UTF-8 is basically ASCII when the highest bit is off, then mostly multi-byte when the highest bit is on.

In Firefox, you can set it under Tools->Options->Content->Fonts and colors->advanced->character encoding.  There is a similar setting in IE8 somewhere.


the U with the 2 little dots to spell the name grunfield... is not on the standard 7 bit ASCII table
but on the extended one that needs 8 bits...

we got the same problem here on our closed caption system as we need to output spanish accents

all those are on the 128+ table of codes... all the 5 vowels  a e i o u, plus ñ and Ñ
are in the 128+ area... plus grunfield also letters


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