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So .. what's this forum all about anyway?

The idea behind this forum is to be a "birds of a feather" for people
who love music, film, and television .. with a major emphasis on music.

Particularly those who create or dabble in one of the above art forms.

This forum is intended to be positive and affirming .. helping people
out when they need help or offering constructive criticism when needed.

As well as pointing things out that are interesting, fun, creative, maybe disturbing ..
but mostly, good art, good music. Occasionally funny I suppose as well.

What this forum is *not*
This forum is not to debate endlessly or to be rude to one another. It is
a place for civil and thought provoking discussion.

To That End
Have fun .. be "net kharma positive"


Thanks Jeff.

  Right on Jeff!!! WOO HOO!!! Kinda quite right now though...

   BTW: Love the new look!    ;)

Thanks a lot, Jeff;  much success!

Best wishes to all. I promise to behave.  :)


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